2019 Junior Golf in Springfield

Whether you are a new beginner or seasoned player, Springfield has allot to offer junior golfers age 17 and under.   Clinics, leagues, tournaments and special events are all part of the offerings in the Springfield area. Although there are a few events that start in early Spring the season generally begins in May and runs through mid August with a few S.M.J.G.A. tournament events continuing into the fall.

Below is a list of some of the events and activities available for juniors this summer.

Click on the event for more details.

Springfield is very fortunate to have 2 courses that offer FREE golf to juniors.

  • The Betty Allison at Oscar Blom lighted par 3 course located next to the Bill & Payne Stewart course 1825 E Norton Road (kids 12 and under play FREE Sun-Thurs.)  The lights are on until 10 pm from May 1st to October 31st.  Great kids clubhouse for Birthday Parties!
  • The Betty Allison Junior 4 hole short course located at Rivercut 2850 W farm Rd 190 offers FREE golf all day 7 days a week.

$99 Summer Junior Golf Membership

Juniors age 17 and under are eligible for the Summer Junior Golf Membership, providing free unlimited weekday golf noon to close at Horton Smith, Bill & Payne Stewart and Rivercut golf courses May 13- August 13.  Does not include range balls, carts or amenities. Membership requires golf staff or instructor approval, letter from school golf coach.  All Memberships must be approved and set up by one of the Golf Pro’s on staff.

Call for details

Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course 833-9962 ask for Shawn Freeman or Danny Daily

Horton Smith Golf Course 891-1639 ask for Alan Cummins or Garrett Holt

Rivercut Golf Course 891-1645 ask for Steve King or Larry Ray


Yes……”Speedgolf” is a real thing, and its happening here in Springfield.

Horton Smith GC and Rivercut have teamed up to provide the opportunity for the Springfield Speed Golfers to play a 9 hole round in as little as 25 min.

Players who fill the “Speedgolf” time slots will be guaranteed an uninterrupted round, whether they choose to run, jog, or walk briskly.

Sunday mornings at Horton Smith, and Thursday evenings at Rivercut are the designated “Speedgolf” locations. Tee times will start in April.

Contact Garrett Holt, PGA gholt@springfieldmo.gov 417-874-2971 if you are interested in playing at Horton Smith or Rivercut.


So if you think you play fast…….come check out the local chapter at www.speedgolfspringfield.com 

and bring your running shoes….

“Speedgolf'” also has National and International events in New Zealand, France, Great Britain, USA, and Japan…… Check them out  at  www.playspeedgolf.com




Great Event this Year!!   Congratulation to all the winners in each flight.

We had 2 players with a Hole in One on Sunday at Rivercut….Congratulations to Rob Quimby (hole #2) and Corey Campbell (hole #15)  WOW!

2018 Governor’s Cup Results
Championsip SGC Day1 RGC Day2 Total Club Credit
1st Rich Gleghorn Gary Frazier 57 58 115 $1000=$500 each
T2nd Nate Angus David Lehr 56 60 116 $375=$187.50 each
T2nd Chris Hill Mat Murray 59 57 116 $375=$187.50 each
4th Garrett Dollins Dylan Bekemeier 60 61 121 $200=$100 each
5th Clayton Moles Jon Freeman 61 61 122 $150=$75 each
“A” Flight
1st Matt Stone Trevor Fisher 63 61 124 $500=$250 each
2nd David Cresap Will Clark 64 62 126 $450=$225 each
T3rd Chuck Greene Addie White 64 63 127 $216=$108 each
T3rd John Helton Alex Layton 65 62 127 $216=$108 each
T3rd Jamie Hathcock Bobby Hendrickson 66 61 127 $216=$108 each
“B” Flight
T1st Rob Quimby Ryan Russel 66 63 129 $416.50=$208.25 each
T1st Roy Cirillo James Hogan 66 63 129 $416.50=$208.25 each
T 1st Phil Parr Donnie Parker 66 63 129 $416.50=$208.25 each
4th Sutton Medley Tim Peach 66 66 132 $200=$100 each
5th Russ Powers Slade Pickering 68 65 133 $150=$75 each
1st Evan Euliss Justin Ricklefs 70 67 137 $500=$250 each
T2nd Greg Stumpf Greg Stumpf Jr. 69 69 138 $316.50=$158.25 each
T2nd Randy Hobbs Tim Linderman 70 68 138 $316.50=$158.25 each
T2nd Jay Green Austin Green 70 68 138 $316.50=$158.25 each
T5th Justin Mayfield Corey Campbell 69 72 141 $37.50=$18.75 each
T5th Michael Smith Joshua James 70 71 141 $37.50=$18.75 each
T5th Gary Houchens David Houchens 69 72 141 $37.50=$18.75 each
T5th Robert Stone Donnie Nave 71 70 141 $37.50=$18.75 each
“D” Flight
1st Dale Stafford Scott Hensley 73 69 142 $500=$250 each
2nd Brock Sanders Jack Sanders 73 71 144 $450=$225 each
3rd Alex Jusino John Adams 74 73 147 $300=$150 each
4th Tyler Templeton Brandon Hamilton 74 74 148 $200=$100 each
5th Justin Schafer Peter Rogers 74 75 149 $150=$75 each
“Champ” skins “C” Skins
NO SKINS  -ALL SKINS CAPPED Hobbs/Linderman 8,9,10  $      85.50 42.75 each
Smith/James 14  $      28.50 14.25 each
“A” Skins Mayfield/Campbell 15  $      28.50 14.25 each
Wolken/Wolken 18    $200     $100 each Euliss/Ricklefs 17  $      28.50 14.25 each
Green/Green 18  $      28.50 14.25 each
“B” Skins
Quimby/Russell  2, 5   $80   $40 each “D” Skins
Strange/Shelley 14   $40   $20 each Stafford/Hensley 5,18  $      50.00 25 each
Cirillo/Hogan 12 $40   $20 each Jusino, Adams 6, 11  $      50.00 25 each
Cheek/Cheek 8 $40   $20 each Templeton/Hamilton  10,12  $      50.00 25 each
Sanders/Sanders 14  $      25.00 12.50 each
Abbott/Benton 16  $      25.00 12.50 each
Closest to pin #2 – Rob Quimby (Hole in 1), #6 Rich Gleghorn, #15 Corey Campbell (Hole in 1), #17 Rich Gleghorn

Junior Golf opportunities during the Price Cutter Charity Championship 2018!

The Price Cutter Championship is not only a great venue to see fantastic players compete for this years trophy, but also offers some great opportunities for Jr. Golfers as well.

New this year.….the Ozarks Junior Chip, Pitch, and Putt Competition.  Winners will be introduced on Sunday, July 29 on the 18th green at the conclusion of the PCCC!

Below is a list of some of the events and activities available at this years event.

Click on the event for more details.




Horton Smith, the man and the player

Horton Smith was born May 22, 1908, on a farm in eastern Greene County where the Highland Springs Country Club now stands. In 1934, Smith earned his claim to fame after winning the first ever Masters Tournament. Winning the tournament again in 1936 added to his glory.

Smith was the great young golf phenom of his era. Amazingly, he still holds the record of six professional tournament wins before the age of 21. He went on to win 32 times on the professional tour. Smith went undefeated in all five of his Ryder Cup Team competitions and is still considered one of the best putters of all time.

Horton Smith Golf Course opened in March 1962. Interesting to note, the original greens at Horton Smith Golf Course were rectangle however were later changed to a more traditional shape. Stop by the Horton Smith clubhouse to see the original layout with the rectangle greens and other memorabilia.

Learn more in this video interview as Ozarks Public Television interviews Rick Grayson on the great history of Horton Smith, the man and the player.



Watch Now: Ozarks Watch Video Magazine – Golf Legend Horton Smith Profile- Ozarks Public Television Video


The Springfield City Council has approved an amendment in City Code removing the restriction of alcohol in public parks, clearing the way for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board to move forward with a proposal allowing limited alcohol sale and consumption in nine locations.

Alcohol remains prohibited in all but nine of 104 parks locations, following a new park regulation adopted by the Park Board in a publicly posted meeting just prior to the City Council vote. The Park Board continues to prohibit alcohol at youth sports events, family-themed events, neighborhood parks, playgrounds, pools and picnic pavilions (except permitted events in pavilions at Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center and Gardens.)

The permitted locations are:

  1. Rivercut Golf Course
  2. Horton Smith Golf Course
  3. Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course, excluding Betty Allison at Oscar Blom Course
  4. Mediacom Ice Park, only during college, semi-pro and professional events and private rentals, only in designated areas
  5. Cooper Tennis Complex, only during college, semi-pro and professional events and private rentals, only in designated areas
  6. Dickerson Park Zoo, only during after-hours events, only in designated areas
  7. Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center and Gardens, only for special events and private rentals, only in designated areas
  8. Lake Springfield Boathouse, only for special events and private rentals, only in designated areas
  9. Davis House and Property, only for special events and private rentals, only in designated areas

The Park Board will implement alcohol sales through the Parks Concessions and Catering Division at the three golf courses by April, Cooper Tennis Complex by July and Mediacom Ice Park by September.

Private caterers will manage alcohol licensing and sales at events at Dickerson Park Zoo, the Botanical Center and Gardens, Lake Springfield Boathouse or the Davis House and Property.  All events and private rentals at these locations will require an event permit as well as liability insurance and security. Implementation at these locations is expected by July.

The amendment request followed 15 months of intensive study and discussion, involving members of the Park Board and administrative staff. Together, they concluded the change in City Code would allow the Park Board to:

  • Respond to demand from parks patrons, partner groups, event organizers, tournament directors and sponsors.
  • Reinvest in parks and golf facilities and continue growing a parks reserve fund with a new source of user-generated revenue.
  • Remain marketable compared with other public golf courses, sports complexes and event venues throughout the region and state, especially for tournaments, fundraisers, weddings and other rentals, while also remaining affordable for park patrons.

The Park Board unanimously approved a motion to seeking amendment of City Code Section 78-4 during its Sept. 8, 2017, Board Meeting.

Prior to tonight’s vote, events on City property at Park Central Square, Commercial Street, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield Expo Center, The Trolley Bike and ArtsFest already allowed alcohol. Other Springfield facilities allowing alcohol include Hammons Field, JQH Arena, O’Reilly Family Event Center, Juanita K Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, Springfield-Branson National Airport and select movie theaters and performing arts venues.

A recent survey of the 25 largest city or county Parks and Recreation departments in Missouri showed all but two, Springfield and Sedalia, permitted alcohol in some capacity (92 percent.) A similar survey of Missouri’s public regulation 18-hole golf courses shows 145 of 151 courses (96 percent) sell or allow alcohol. Of the six courses abstaining, three were operated by the Park Board.

For more information, contact Jenny Fillmer Edwards, Public Information Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board, at 417-874-2943 (office) or 417-224-5510 (mobile) or email Jenny Edwards.

Parks alcohol regulation